Sacred Journey Egypt 2018 with Sherwin

Sacred Journey Egypt 2018 with Sherwin

22 Oct 11:00 - 03 Nov 14:00 - Bangsar
Horus Mystery School of Alchemy


Sacred Journey Egypt 2018 by Sherwin
Oct 22 – Nov 3

~ Igniting the Sacred Body Temple: The Passage of Light into Form

The physical body comes into this world to prepare itself as a ‘Sacred Body Temple’, a vessel for Light frequencies to become actualized form. This is what we have come to know as ‘Spiritual Alchemy’. In other words, as we continue to awaken our own inner awareness, we start to embody the entire process of the ‘flowering of light’ – bringing the divine essence of love from the Unseen Realms (what is possible) into this Physical Realm (actualization) -

- Embodying Love in active form.

This Sacred Journey is the alchemeic process of remembering and awakening our Sacred Body Temple:

• Empowering the body to hold more energy, becoming a vessel of transformative light
• Learning to tap into the Neteru, the Sacred Principles, which are gateways to infinite sources of life force

We will journey through the 12 Temples of Power and cruise along the Nile, with each site holding a different Neter (sacred principle), in order to awaken the many layers of our Energy Body, such as the Ka, Ba, Sekhem, Sahu, and Akhu... gradually 'building' the body as a Temple of Energy itself.

Our private meditations and initiations will include:

• The Sphinx (opening the Akashic Records)
• The Great Pyramids (awakening the Energy Body)
• Temple of Isis (dissolving all psychic wounds and karmic imprints)
• Temple of Horus (imbuing the Energy Body with Light)

And finally, our sacred journey will culminate with a final initiation ceremony in the King’s Chamber of the Pyramid, helping you to reconnect and ground your Inner Neteru. The ‘flowering of light’ is the embodiment of what the Neteru represents into this world – and so becoming a bridge of light between ‘As Above’ to ‘So Below’.

*Pre-requisites: Any one of the Egyptian Alchemy courses by Sherwin in 2018 / Temple of Life Destiny Power 2017. This sacred journey is geared towards self-awakening and empowerment by means of spiritual alchemy and sacred energy work. It is not suited for those seeking a leisurely holiday experience.

If this sacred journey calls to you, and you would like more information – let us know at, or whatsapp to 012 – 716 8763.

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